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2020, the Year the US Imploded, so Where is Hope?

Yes, it all happened in Seattle, dear friends, as  this harsh  documentary shows, but the COVID-19 pandemic is like an X-ray machine. It displays all t hat is broken and hidden.     I'll start my detailed explanation of the multiple causes that underlie urban decay in the US from this beautiful quotation by a friend:  Many saints grew in holiness to the point where, by God's grace, they restored around them the original harmony with creation which Adam enjoyed in Paradise. One thinks immediately of St Seraphim of Sarov and St Sergius of Radonezh who befriended wild bears, or of St Paul of Obnora who was beheld surrounded peacefully by forest animals. Even in our own time there are testimonies of monastics living in the wilderness peacefully with wild deer and even mountain lions. Elder Herman is remembered for a gentle ermine who was utterly devoted to the Saint. When asked what he thought of the animals, a recent American monastic elder replied, "They have something to do