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Bokononism Everywhere

When I talk or write, people often tell me they are depressed with what I tell them.  These people crave for a more palatable approach that belongs to Bokonon: I wanted all things To seem to make sense, So we all could be happy, yes, Instead of tense. And I made up lies So that they all  fit nice, And I made this sad world A par-a-dise Bokonon's Calypso , Kurt Vonnegut, " Cat's Cradle ," p. 127. Bokonon's true power is in imagining other people's dreams before they realize what it is that makes them happy. Bokonon's approach is commonly applied in all mass media, including advertizing and some of the major science journals. It has also been the standard operating procedure in all religions since times immemorial and in politics. In short, Bokonon's Calypso reflects human nature and my creations do not. Therein lies my problem in communicating with the public.