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Oh, brave Odysseus, son of Laertes! You were so beloved by the bright-eyed Athena and - after slaying the Suitors and resettling with your faithful wife, Penelope, - you were granted by Zeus a long peaceful life in your beloved Ithaca.  Home at last! Homer told us your dazzling story that might have taken place around 1200 B.C. Now fast forward 2500 years, and this how Dante Alighieri described meeting your Spirit burning in the Eighth Circle of Hell: Then of the antique flame the greater horn,   Murmuring, began to wave itself about   Even as a flame doth which the wind fatigues. Thereafterward, the summit to and fro   Moving as if it were the tongue that spake,   It ( Odysseus' Spirit, TWP ) uttered forth a voice,   and said: "When I From Circe had departed, who concealed me   More than a year there near unto Gaeta,   Or ever yet Aeneas named it so, Nor fondness for my son, nor reverence   For my old father, nor the due