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Showing posts from January 11, 2015

The Bird of Dawn

Finally I am in Saudi Arabia.  So many new impressions and new thoughts. I customarily watch here Al Jazeera International and the French News 24 Channel, and I never watch American TV.  I am simply tired of American navel gazing and the low quality of U.S.-based programming available here. Today, on Al Jazeera I saw a program about a group of Iranian and French women and men, who wanted to have a public concert in Iran.  After a long struggle, the authorities relented and the group sang.  And what a concert it was! This was the introduction by an Iranian female singer: We are the free men, who are not scared We are secrets that never die We are voices of who resist We are free and our world is free. At the end, another Iranian woman sang in the most beautiful voice: Of the just and the unjust They only spoke and did nothing Oh, God! Oh, God! See the chasm between their words and their actions. In-between they sang the "Bird of Dawn," a metaphor for human crue