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One of the live oaks that bless my home

Friday, April 15, 2011

Am I Getting Through?

Almost as a direct challenge to my March 26th  post, I got this lovely comment on my recent article in the Austin Statesman:
Most important message
Re: April 10 article "Deep drilling reflects era's decline, Texas expert says."
The article by professor Tad Patzek about the planet's declining oil reserves contains the most important message your paper can publish this year.
As he points out so clearly and simply that anyone who reads it must understand, our species is driving heedlessly toward a very messy extinction unless we change both our driving habits and our reliance on fossil fuels. Any rational Austinite who reads and faces up to the facts stated in this article will become an ardent supporter of local light rail as well as a carbon tax.
And he/she will advise his/her children and grandchildren to move closer to downtown, near a rail line and a farmer's market, or else become self-sufficient farmers themselves unless they can somehow acquire the money and technology required to drill ultra-deep offshore wells.
Pat S. Holloway
I would like to thank Mr. Holloway for his kind words.  I am also very happy that what I write is not completely useless to the public.


  1. Your writings are most certainly not useless. We must never give up ,for it is our very survival that is at stake. Thank you for your work.

  2. Your writings are pretty much useless to the public and lack political realism.